︎︎︎ the end of lingering/the start of the zap ︎︎︎ everything that comes second to being vulnerable ︎︎︎ seesawing between finding out and passing on ︎︎︎ thinking about it/talking about it ︎︎︎ all this future ︎︎︎ hoping for the best/preparing for methodological failure ︎︎︎ thinking at work/thinking at play ︎︎︎ critical play as praxis 

BA Thesis Project
Photodocumentary, bookbinding

Noun; the capacity to accept or tollerate delay, problems or sufferingwithout becoming annoyed or anxious. 

27 Days documents time spent waiting, during rush hour in the Brighton train station. With a focus on patience, the photodocumentary looks at body language, posture and signs of waiting. 

A selection of 27 photographs are displayed in a handmade coptic-bound, wood-covered publication.