︎︎︎ the end of lingering/the start of the zap ︎︎︎ everything that comes second to being vulnerable ︎︎︎ seesawing between finding out and passing on ︎︎︎ thinking about it/talking about it ︎︎︎ all this future ︎︎︎ hoping for the best/preparing for methodological failure ︎︎︎ thinking at work/thinking at play ︎︎︎ critical play as praxis 


Sarah P Støle is a multi-modal designer, working in the expanded field of graphic design1. Her practice is furnished with experimental methodologies2 and process-based narratives3.

She holds a Masters in Graphic Media Design from UAL: London College of Communication.

1 A graphic designer who does most things other than graphic design
2 Also called ‘play’
3 A practice led by critical thinking and driven by the curiosity of creative processes