︎︎︎ the end of lingering/the start of the zap ︎︎︎ everything that comes second to being vulnerable ︎︎︎ seesawing between finding out and passing on ︎︎︎ thinking about it/talking about it ︎︎︎ all this future ︎︎︎ hoping for the best/preparing for methodological failure ︎︎︎ thinking at work/thinking at play ︎︎︎ critical play as praxis 

The Body is in Flux

3D, motion graphics, hybrid objects (MA Thesis Project)

THE BODY IS IN FLUX questions the entity of the human body in the context of wellness, datafication and a heightened culture for self-tracking technology. Built on the notion of the Quantified Self, the relationship between technology, data and body optimisation is explored through experimental processes of translation; where the human body becomes a multi-dimensional data mesh. Encapsulating deficient, excessive and glitched data, the distance between the physical and digital body is challenged when the game-led reality of self-optimisation forms the narrative of augmented and extruded data meshes.

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A Line Which Forms a Volume (5)

Editorial design/publishing (Collaborative)

A LINE WHICH FORMS A VOLUME (5) is a critical reader and symposium of graphic design-led research, which is written, edited, designed and published by participants of the MA Graphic Media Design Course at London College of Communication. The fifth issue explores acts of leaning and how they interconnect with concepts of care and transparency in the process of making design research public. 

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What is Out of Doors?

Curation (Collaborative)

WHAT IS OUT OF DOORS is a work-in-progress exhibition showcasing work from MA GMD participants. Imagine a leap, a gap, a space of absence and presence. An in-between of all, an in-between space. It is an intermediate place, a crossover, a space for progression, for transition, for transformation. It is a necessary space for uncertainty and truth of becoming. Welcome to the other side fo the door. 

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The Poetic Infosphere

Video, motion graphics

Wisdom comes from knowledge, which comes from information, which comes from data. In an attempt to step through the digital information overload, THE POETIC INFOSPHERE simulates a way of viewing global events through an open-ended interface.

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27 Days

Photodocumentary, bookbinding (BA Thesis Project)

27 DAYS is an archive of waiting time during rush hour in the Brighton train station, with focus on body language through hands, legs, posture and facial expressions. The outcome is a photographic publication which aims for the viewer to reflect on their own act whilst waiting.

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Please Wait

Data visualisation, Illustration

PLEASE WAIT is a series of abstract maps which visualise the use of bench seats in relation to a person’s actions whilst waiting. Through minimal graphic elements, human behaviour is translated into infographics with a poetic undertone. 

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