︎︎︎ the end of lingering/the start of the zap ︎︎︎ everything that comes second to being vulnerable ︎︎︎ seesawing between finding out and passing on ︎︎︎ thinking about it/talking about it ︎︎︎ all this future ︎︎︎ hoping for the best/preparing for methodological failure ︎︎︎ thinking at work/thinking at play ︎︎︎ critical play as praxis 

Data visualisation, Illustration

Did you know you spend 27 days of your life waiting for public transport? 

Please Wait uses observation from a 2 hour period of a bench situated in the Brighton train station. The data is translated into a system of simple graphic elements and a colour gradient which describe the action taken whilst waiting. The maps display a double sided bench from above, each side having 6 seats. 

The project aims visualise the concept of deadtime whilst visually telling the story of commuters. 

Each map is handmade an exist as a 10cm x 15cm card within a collection.