︎︎︎ the end of lingering/the start of the zap ︎︎︎ everything that comes second to being vulnerable ︎︎︎ seesawing between finding out and passing on ︎︎︎ thinking about it/talking about it ︎︎︎ all this future ︎︎︎ hoping for the best/preparing for methodological failure ︎︎︎ thinking at work/thinking at play ︎︎︎ critical play as praxis 

MA Thesis Project
3D, motion graphics, hybrid objects

THE BODY IS IN FLUX takes a hybrid form of an animated video and a set of 3D extruded objects. With the aim of discussing the relationship between technology, data and body optimisation, the viewer is taken into an internalised, game-led reality, all set in the context of wellness culture. Whilst viewing and listening to the narrative of the video, the objects can be touched and handled, allowing you to explore details of the body that is taking the centre stage in the video.

The investigation is heavily informed by the phenomena quantified self, and the social practice of self-tracking. The quantified self︎︎︎ is built on the idea that we can use our personal data, gathered by technological aids, to optimise the body’s physical and performative abilities.

Digitising the human body subconciously happens every day. By exploring the behavioural patten of human interactivity with technology, the findings in this research are built on an experimental methodology where the process of translating the human body into data︎︎︎, and transforming data into new bodily entities, go back and forth. The entity of the human body is questioned in a digital space that is led by technological development and game mechanics.  

︎︎︎Parts of the practical process.

By addressing anthropological tendencies in relation to contemporary technologies, THE BODY IS IN FLUX touches a wide audience including those who currently have a smart watch strapped around their arm, a phone in their pocket, or a plan to track their sleep tonight. The hybrid nature of the outcome initiates an experience, one which takes the form of an interactive installation. 

︎︎︎THE BODY IS IN FLUX was on display at the London College of Communication in November 2021.